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What Is TrakQR?

TrakQR is an exciting new service that allows you to create, manage, and track your own dynamic QR codes. Forget about all those static, feature-less QR code generators out there. We let you point your QR codes anywhere you want, any time you want and track their progress through real-time analytics and instant scan notifications.

What's a dynamic QR code?

With tons of Quick Response Code generators popping up all over the internet, it's important to understand the difference between static QR codes and dynamic QR codes. Static QR codes provide a code that cannot be edited and will always go to one destination. Dynamic QR codes allow you to edit the code's destination at any time. These dynamic codes are a great solution to someone who wants to experiment with QR codes without having to constantly re-create these cute little squares!

At TrakQR, we believe in keeping things simple. We provide a simple solution for those looking to maintain several QR campaigns or those who have a need to change their codes at a moment's notice. When creating a dynamic QR code with TrakQR you will be able to link to a website, send a tweet, offer your contact information, create a map and more! Once your codes have been created you can always go back and edit them to do something completely different. For example: one day the QR code on your business card will take people to your current blog post, the next day it could send a tweet! We let you decide!

How We Track Your Codes

Once you have setup a few TrakQR codes you will be able to access QR code analytics for each one to see how many people scanned a specific code in the last 24 hours, last 7 days and last 12 months. We also offer notification options so that you can know the second someone hits your QR code!

You may have heard how some services are using landing pages to track the traffic from a QR code scan to your site - this can be a great tool - but what about tracking the scans for codes that don't always link to your website? You still need those numbers. Our QR code analytics dashboard allows you to watch for trends and activity for each code and gives you the ability to monitor which codes are more effective for you!


QR Codes - Made Easy

Our dynamic QR codes give you the ability to extend the length of any advertising campaign. Instead of re-printing or re-designing each ad with a new QR code, you can now just change the destination!

Run a campaign for a day, a week, whatever you'd like! With print ready formats: hi-res PNG and vector EPS, TrakQR codes are great for both print and digital media - allowing you the flexibility you need, when you want it!

Manage Multiple QR Campaigns

So you've got a few things you want to tell people about - we get it. Whether you are a small business, event promoter, freelancer or agency our TrakQR codes allow you to manage multiple campaigns all at once.

From our Personal to our Agency plan we provide a clean and simple dashboard that allows you to create and monitor your QR code campaigns. Simply choose a plan, create your codes using our super easy interface, manage multiple campaigns at once and monitor the results instantly!

See the Results Instantly - Scan Totals, Devices, Countries

In addition to email and SMS scan notifications, our detailed QR code analytics allow you to monitor everything from how many times your code is scanned, when it's scanned, where it's scanned and some general trends over weeks, months & even a year!

Also, you can see which devices scan your codes allowing you to tailor your content to perform best on the platforms being used by your customers. We'll provide scan totals and percentages for the most popular platforms on the market.

Plans & Pricing

  • 5 QR Codes
  • 500 Scans/Month
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Instant Scan Notifications
  • * SMS Notifications
  • 50 QR Codes
  • 1,200 Scans/Month
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Instant Scan Notifications
  • * SMS Notifications
  • 300 QR Codes
  • 10,000 Scans/Month
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Instant Scan Notifications
  • * SMS Notifications
  • Need something a bit more customized?
  • More Codes & Scans
  • API Access
  • Custom Analytics
  • We can provide a customized plan...
  • just for you.
We also have free plan which includes 3 codes and 25 scans per month.
* SMS notifications cost 2ยข per (enabled for US accounts only)

The Team

Steven Trotter - Design @steventrotter

Steven is passionate about making the internet pretty. When he's not tweaking pixels, he's watching documentaries or floating down some river in his kayak. He works as a creative director and designer, allowing his passion to "pretty-fy" everything to be put to good use.

Craig McCoy - Developer @captcodemonkey

Craig puts more sugar in his tea than anyone else you will ever meet, knows way too much about zombies, and plays entirely too much Starcraft. He also works as a custom developer with primary focus in JQuery front end programming, Drupal modules, and mobile iOS/Android applications.

Joseph Yancey - Developer @josephyancey

Even though he's the least geeky of the bunch, Joseph can sling code as fast as Captain Malcom Reynolds drops Reavers. Also, we're not exactly sure, but he may be a Cylon. (Both of these references are lost on him.) With strong skills in both Python and PHP, he helps us get our hair-brained ideas off the ground.